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Rank Structure

Cadet Grade Insignia

Cadet Officers

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Cadet Airmen and Cadet Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs)

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Cadet Programs Super Chart - Nearly everything you want to know about how to progress in the CAP Cadet Program in one handy-dandy poster!
Cadet Tracker - Use this worksheet to help keep track of your progress and promotions. (Aim for the diamonds! You can do it!)
Click HERE to earn more about the various phases of the Cadet Program and accompanying achievement awards.

Senior Member Grade Insignia


Senior Member Officer Ranks


Non-Commissioned Officers

Senior Member NCO Ranks

Click HERE to learn more about the Senior Member Professional Development Program. If you are a cadet age 18-20 planning to transition into the Senior Member ranks, be sure to speak with the Squadron Commander or Professional Development Officer for more information!


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